TapKit - A Lincoln start-up creating contactless experiences

Meet Christopher Burns and Will De Ath, the creators of TapKit, a new Lincoln start-up which helps businesses connect to their customers through contactless technology.Launching at the Lincolnshire Business Expo on January 16, 2019, the company handled the fast track registration using its app and contactless technology.


The concept for TapKit only started around 3-4 months ago, where the small team of two had been working hard to prove their technology concept and get their platform in front of as many businesses as they could.

Right now the company is preparing for their next goals of developing their technology further with many more businesses.

Christopher Burns told CityX: "While working on a previous project using contactless technology, we quickly found there was no way for businesses to harness this technology.


"We decided to create our own contactless technology, while doing so, we found a lot of hurdles to manufacturing, sourcing and having the correct software to run the dynamic solution.

"We discovered our previous project wasn't going to have legs, so we decided to provide a solution where any business can use this technology.


"This is how TapKit was started. In the future we are creating an online dashboard where any business can create and manage their contactless solution with everything they need all to allow users to connect to their products all under one roof with our tech platform."

Source: CityX Magazine