Leo Scott Smith - A rising star in tech

With the business world continuing to grow in Lincoln, CityX's new One to Watch feature aims to highlight up and coming names in the business community, who are going above and beyond to grow in their chosen industry.

This week's CityX One to Watch is Leo Scott Smith, CEO and Founder of Tended Ltd, a Lincoln firm which launched just 18 months ago.

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The company has also this week won the Tech Nation Rising Stars competition, a government-backed competition for innovative, early-stage tech startups. Tended was the only company in the Midlands to be nominated and this win gives the firm the title of being one of the 10 rising stars in UK tech.

Tended's product, Tended Protect is a wrist-worn wearable safety device which monitors the movements of the user through artificial intelligence and has the ability to learn and detect ‘abnormalities’, such as a fall or strong impact.

During his time as a volunteer for a charity working in Nepal, Leo often found himself alone in remote areas facing a multitude of dangers, from landslides to ambushes.

Leo realised that in the event of the unthinkable, he may not be found or receive help for hours – or even days – at a time.

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The product creation also came after his mother suffered a fall from a ladder whilst renovating her home. Thankfully, she wasn’t seriously injured, but she lives alone and if the unthinkable had happened and it was much worse, no one would have known to help her.

Leo told CityX: "We now have the very nice title of being one of the 10 rising stars in UK tech.

"We're the only company to be awarded this in the whole of the Midlands, with most of the companies being from Manchester, Liverpool or London, so that's really exciting.

"We initially started out to be a consumer wearable device which monitors the user's movements using advanced AI to detect abnormalities - and from that we can work out if someone has been involved in an accident but we're now moving into the commercial enterprise space.


"We're working with some of the world's largest companies who are developing this technology with us and not only are we looking at creating a safety solution which detects accidents accurately within seconds but we are now looking into preventative action intelligence features as well, which allows us to give data points and information on accidents and how to prevent them in the workplace.

"We're also working with some leading insurance companies to see how we can reduce premiums, almost like the black boxes for young drivers but for at-risk workers.

"We now have 19 members of staff and are continuing to grow.

"We've got lots of very exciting stuff in the pipeline which we can announce in a few weeks."

Source: CityX Magazine