Greater Lincolnshire's Digital Landscape Survey 2018/19

The digital landscape across Greater Lincolnshire continues to grow and evolve at a rapid pace, presenting many opportunities and challenges for our local businesses as they strive to adapt to this fast-changing digital environment.

Business Lincolnshire wants Greater Lincolnshire to become a focus for digital influence across all sectors, and they are inviting local businesses to help them achieve that aim.

The last Digital Landscape Report, which you can find here, was published two years ago. The businesses which completed that survey helped to create a clearer picture of the digital landscape in Lincolnshire.

Two years is a long time in a fast-moving industry like ours, so Business Lincolnshire is launching the Greater Lincolnshire Digital Landscape Survey 2018/19 to chart the progress of digital businesses in our county during that time.

All businesses, regardless of whether they are digital-based or simply use digital technologies, are invited to complete the Survey. This will help to build a comprehensive picture of the current digital landscape in Lincolnshire, allowing Business Lincolnshire to identify areas for improvement and set targets for the future.

The survey is split into two sections. The first is aimed at digital businesses; the second is aimed at all businesses.

If you have 10 minutes to spare, please complete the survey.